SoSe 2016

EDV 2 - Projekt

Im Sommersemester 2016 finden die EDV 2-Projekte "Datenanalyse und -visualisierung" sowie "Mikrocontroller programmieren mit Arduino" statt. Die Projekte starten in der zweiten Vorlesungswoche. Termine und weitere Informationen werden über das Stud.IP System kommuniziert.


Darja Wagner (Datenanalyse und -visualisierung)

Hendrik Stern (Mikrocontroller programmieren mit Arduino)

Supply Chain Network Design using Mixed Integer Linear Programing (MILP)

General Course Information

  • Course no. 04-326-GS-008
  • Course and examination language is English.
  • The course is a block course offered on the dates listed below.
  • 3 CP can be achieved by group homework and a presentation and discussion of the group work. (see course catalogue if the course fits into your study program or contact Prof. Dr. T. Becker for inquiries.)
  • The course is taught by a guest lecturer, Prof. Dr. Mujtaba Agha.

Course Objective

Supply Chains have to address an inherent trade-off between costs and customer service. The course will make use of Mixed Integer Linear Programing to solve and understand topics related to Network Design. The course will start with simple formulations (transportation and transhipment models) and subsequently more complex Network Design Problem (such as robust optimization, multi-commodity flows and multiple time period models) will be discussed.

Course Outline

The course is scheduled from 9:00 am until 4:30pm with a lunch break on each day. The course venue is the Auditorium in BIBA (upper floor).
Tu 12.7.
Value of Network Design
  • Introduction to Supply Chain
  • Importance of Network Design in Effective Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation Model
We 13.7.
Using MS Excel to solve Network Design
  • Formulating multivariable LP through MS Excel
  • Solving multivariable through MS Excel
  • Transshipment Model   
Th 14.7.
Facility Location Problem
  • Center of Gravity Method for Single Facility Location
  • Network Facility Location Problem using Mixed Integer Linear Programing (MILP)
  • Cost vs. Level of Service trade-off for Multiple Location Selection Problem
Mo 18.7.
Advanced Network Design Problem
  • Sensitivity Analysis with MILP models
    Incorporating Multi-Commodity Flows
    Robustness and Flexibility consideration in Design of Supply Networks
Tu 19.7.
Advance Network Design Problem (Continued..)
  • Multi-time Period models
  • Incorporating Inventory Considerations
  • Using Mix approach (both Qualitative and Quantitative) for Decision Making
Th 21.7.
Presentation / Examination