Production- and logistic systems as complex networks

Many research disciplines have used the modeling of systems as complex networks to get a better understanding of highly interconnected systems. At the same, time they have tried to develop new approaches for the design and control of these systems. This includes, for example, ecosystems in biology or social networks in social sciences, but also technical systems such as road traffic in urban centers or the Internet.

With increasing size and complexity of production systems, it is necessary to gain a better understanding of the relation between the structure of networked production, i.e. the topology, and the material flow and its control, i.e. the dynamics of the system.

Figure: Sankey-Diagram of the material flow in a networked production system

The team especially deals with following network-oriented tasks according to production and logistic systems:
  • What classes of structures exist and which dynamic properties do these classes have?
  • Is it possible that metrics that were calculated on the basis of the topology of a production network provide predictions about the dynamic behavior of the system?
  • What planning and control methods are most suitable for which network structure?
  • How do fluctuations and disturbances, such as supply shortages or machine failures, propagate through a production network?

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