22.07.2016 10:00
    Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Agha on Supply Chain Network Optimization

    Students at University of Bremen were offered the opportunity between July 11 and 19, 2016 to attend a lecture on “Supply Chain Network Design” in English language, taught by an international researcher. In collaboration with the Production Systems and Logistic Systems group, Prof. Dr. Mujtaba Agha from the Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan showed interested students how to solve complex distribution problems. Key topic was the implementation of solution procedures of Linear Programming in Excel and scientific optimization tools.

    Prof. Agha already visited BIBA in 2014 as a cLink Fellow as part of the Erasmus Mundus program. The continuous collaboration with the University of Bremen strengthens the international profile and creates the basis for the ongoing internationalization of the Bremen Research Cluster on Dynamics in Logistics.