18.08.2016 10:00
    New Research Project: Optimization of the Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain in Ethiopia

    The DAAD and the Ethiopian Ministry of Education have financed a new PhD research as part of their doctoral programme. The aim of the three years projcet is to develop an integrated mathematical model for solving the simultaneous problem of product selection, supplier selection, and order allocation in the Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain in Ethiopia. The country still struggles to provide all necessary medication to every region. In contrast to Europe, developing countries have different priorities for the supply of pharmaceuticals: for example, the limited budget requires central sourcing in order to get discounts, and expiration caused by excess stock needs to be avoided. The integrated model is intended to answer the question of what products to procure, from which suppliers and how much of each product from each supplier. In the final phase of the project, data from the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply and Fund Agency (PFSA) will be considered to test and verify the applicability the model. It is planned to use the model in the future for pharmaceuticals procurement activities in Ethiopia.


    This project will be performed by Getachew Basa with support from the Production Systems and Logistics Systems working group of Prof. Dr. Till Becker. Getachew Basa is a PhD candidate at the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics. He obtained his B.Sc. (2006) and M.Sc. (2012) degree both in Industrial engineering from Mekelle University, Ethiopia and the American University in Cairo, Egypt respectively. In his hometown, he was a lecturer and researcher at the Mekelle University.